Our extra-curricular School Report club enabled us to select a highly motivated team of Christian, Jamie, Amelie, Lily, Molly, Bailey, Lucy, Evie, Piper, Ella and Emily who were given the day to make the news from Bosworth Academy.  We were based in the film studio within the media department with the hope of using the green screen for the final bulletin although unfortunately a lighting issue meant that we needed to revert back to the more traditional desk in front of white board option for the news anchors as seen in the pictures below.

The students were fantastic all day and really embraced their day of being news journalists as you can tell from the following comments from the student evaluations:

“I enjoyed this opportunity and I’m considering taking a career in Journalism in the future.”

“It was an exciting day working with those with high aspirations for journalism and gave us a concept of what careers in journalism look like. I believe everyone who took part today found the day pleasantly surprising, thoroughly enjoyed it and would happily do days dedicated to reporting news again.”

To read the stories that they produced and watch the video reports they made click on the links below.  The video reports have also been uploaded to YouTube and can be found on our Bosworth Academy Project Based Learning Channel.

BBC News School Report logo rectangle

School Report News Day 2018

Sports Relief @ Bosworth Academy 2018

Books vs Technology

Fundraising at Bosworth Academy

Gay Pride

Dogs or Cats?


The use of slang

Weather Report

Archived Stories

Click on the links below to see news items from previous years.

School Report News Day 2017


A team of Year 8 students from Bosworth Academy helped to make the news on 16 March 2017 by taking part in the BBC School Report News Day.

The day started with an editorial meeting where the students divided themselves into small sub-teams and decided which stories to report on.  They then planned questions to ask and the media footage they wanted to collect and worked hard to make their reports.  These reports were edited both into written format for the website and as videos to be uploaded to YouTube on our Bosworth Academy Project Based Learning Channel.

The final part of the day was spent recording the links for the full news bulletin and putting it all together.  The day was a great success and can be summed up by this student evaluation of the day,

The day was great fun and I really think I improved my skills in speaking in front of people and conducting interviews I would recommend doing this to anyone who gets the opportunity and would jump at the chance to have another go at it.”

You can watch the full news bulletin by clicking here or click on the links below to read and watch the individual stories that made it into the 2 O’Clock News from Bosworth Academy!

Well done to our Y8 reporting team of Alecia, Alice, Amy, Anya, Arjun, Chris, Corey, Daniel, Eric, Imarnie, Jack, Jessica, Kamilla, Kirsten and Rebecca.

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