School Uniform

School Uniform

Laureates, Year 7 & 8

We would like to draw your attention back to our Uniform Policy.
It clearly states the following requirements:

  • Trousers – must be mid grey in colour (definitely not charcoal grey or black) and formal style
  • Skirts – must be mid grey in colour (definitely not charcoal grey or black) and pleated, formal style
  • Shirts – must be formal shirts with a collar and top buttons must be done up at all times
  • Ties – must be worn at all times
  • Shoes – must be completely black, polishable or patent leather type material, definitely no trainers or canvas shoes
  • Socks / tights – must be black, grey or white. Knee socks are permitted with skirts but should definitely not come higher than just below the knee
  • Laureates Logo purple jumper
  • Laureates Logo PE kit

There are a number of students who are currently wearing inappropriate items, including black trousers, polo shirts and trainer / converse style shoes.

Other unacceptable uniform items are; skinny fit jean style trousers (for boys or girls), skater skirts, patterned tights, large hair decorations (flowers or headbands), wristbands, large, coloured earrings (a pair of small silver or gold studs are permitted for both boys and girls).

Shirts, skirts and trousers can be purchased from local retail outlets (Asda, Tesco, M&S for example).

Logo items need to be purchased from LISS Sport – our official supplier. You can order items either over the phone or on the internet and items will be delivered to school as soon as they are available.

Key stage 3 school uniforms can be ordered directly from our supplier “Liss Sport” by visiting, email: or 01455 828086

Key Stage 4, Year 9, 10 & 11 Uniform

Any successful learning community looks to ensure that they offer students the best possible start to their adult life. We are a popular school with an excellent track record of student achievement and progress. Bosworth Academy is currently on a journey that has and will continue to see considerable change as we strive to become one of the best 11-19 schools in Leicestershire. A part of moving Bosworth Academy forward is having an ethos of high expectations and standards in all aspects of school life. “School uniform supports effective teaching and learning and engenders a positive, calm and respectful teaching and learning environment.” (Department for Education).

The Charcoal Grey Blazer, Grey Sweater and Tie are all purchasable using our online Price and Buckland store using the link below:

Price & Buckland: Bosworth Academy Store [link] [link]

Use the links below to download the letter to parents regarding the new uniform and our uniform guidance.
Uniform Update Letter to Parents September 2016 [pdf]
KS4 Uniform Letter To Parents [pdf]
KS4 Uniform Guidance [pdf]


Sixth Form Dress Code Guidance

The guidance is not unduly restrictive but it is important that students appreciate that the Sixth Form at Bosworth Academy is a serious work environment and that they are in a school with much younger pupils present.

  • Students should be clean and well presented
  • Shorts may be worn but must be mid-thigh length or longer
  • Cleavage should not be visible
  • Baggy jogging bottoms are not permitted
  • No extreme hairstyles or colours
  • Underwear should not be visible
  • No offensive slogans
  • Sandals may be worn (not flip flops) – restrictions apply in some curriculum areas
  • Clear studs/retainers must be worn in facial piercings
  • Top which are low cut and/or revealing, including midriffs should not be worn
  • Girls skirts should be mid thigh length or longer
  • Hats, caps and hoods should not be worn inside the building


First Occasion The student will be required to change or wear an item of school uniform. Parents will be informed if they need to return home. We will contact parents to explain that they were unsuitably dressed for school and enclose a copy of our dress code.
Second Occasion As above but the email/letter will inform parents that repetition may lead to fixed term exclusion.
Third Occasion As above and the student will receive a fixed term exclusion.