Bosworth Super Curriculum

Bosworth Super Curriculum

Here at Bosworth Academy we strive to incorporate the 6 Cs within our teaching, both in and out of the classroom. Collaboration, citizenship, communication, critical thinking, creativity and character are the attributes we want our students to develop and improve throughout their time here at school. We recognise that not all learning takes place inside the classroom and with that in mind we have created a curriculum that will take our students’ learning further. Each subject in school are working on creating a Super Curriculum that should inspire the students to want to know more and push themselves in an independent manner. These booklets that have been created include links to websites, suggested videos to watch, creative tasks to work on or engaging questions to get our students thinking. They also include a book and film list of suggested titles for the students to read and watch in order to develop their knowledge further. We want to inspire our students to come to their lessons with knowledge they can share and to feel empowered to ask questions and to try to find out their own answers.

Bosworth Super Curriculum Booklets:



Human and Social Studies


Modern Foreign Languages


Physical Education


For further information on the Bosworth Academy Super Curriculum, please email [email protected].