Music Lessons

At Bosworth Academy, we truly believe in the benefit of learning a musical instrument and we want to offer your child the opportunity to take part in group instrumental lessons or individual lessons to gain the maximum level of support and progress. You can organise these lessons to take place in the school building, before or after school or during break times or alternatively outside of school at the instrumental teachers house.

Learning an instrument is proven to increase cognitive development and develop skills such as independent learning, self-motivation, confidence, creativity and fine-motor skills. Research demonstrate that musical training in children is associated with heightening sound sensitivity which develops their awareness of sounds and patterns within music and other subjects such as maths as rhythms are based upon numeracy but music also enhances a person’s verbal abilities and general reasoning skills.

If your child has previously had instrumental lessons and would like to continue, or however, your child wishes to begin instrumental lessons, please click on the link to view instrumental teachers and the instrumental lessons they offer. Through contacting the teachers yourself, you can arrange the venue, time and regularity of the lessons that is convenient for you and your son/daughter.

Instrumental Classes & Contact Details [PDF File]

Mrs Medland
Head of Music