Information on Sixth Form & Post 16 Education

Information on Sixth Form & Post 16 Education

For students over 16 years old we offer a wide range of courses. Over half of our Year 11 students usually choose to stay on for one, two or three years at Post 16 and some students join us from other schools. We help students to choose the course and subjects best suited to their interests, strengths and future plans.

At Post 16 students enjoy a more mature working environment in the Oaks Post 16 Centre, with their own social room and study area. Class size depends on numbers who have opted for any particular course. Each student will have had to meet the entry requirements for the chosen subjects.

Our core curriculum for Post 16 students provides advice and information on the organisation of time, acquiring good study habits and entry into university, jobs and apprenticeships.

Sixth Form Transport

Transport is chargeable for all students in Post 16. More information can be found on Sixth Form Transport at Bosworth Academy by visiting the link below:

School Transport [link]

KS5: Sixth Form Education

We have a large Sixth Form where students are able to follow courses at Level 3 or Level 2. At Level 3 we offer a large number of A Level and BTEC courses from which the majority of students select 4, sometimes dropping to 3 in Year 13. At Level 2 students choose 3 or more BTEC extended certificates and also follow courses in GCSE English and Maths (required). A significant number of our Level 2 learners stay with us for a further two years to study at A-Level or BTEC Level 3. The majority of our students in Post 16 go on to Higher Education.

Students will study for a maximum of 2 years unless they have transferred from our Post 16 Level 2 programme or have a medical condition which has impacted on their education

KS5: Tech X Post 16 Education

The Tech X Technical Excellence provision offers students an opportunity to study for a vocational based qualification. The project based courses are designed for those students wishing to further their education in industry and commerce as opposed to the university route. The Tech X students will gain technical skills, literacy and numeracy, as well as the important communication and interpersonal skills so vital in the competitive work environment. Critically, on successful completion of the appropriate courses.
Tech X POST 16 students will enjoy and utilize all of the Academy’s facilities.
As a Bosworth Academy student, all are expected to play a responsible role in the academy, and are involved in a number of school based educational, enrichment, and social activities.