We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for every one of our students, a curriculum that enables each student to progress. We encourage students to learn how to learn, to make informed decisions and to develop self-control and self-motivation so that they can move on from Bosworth Academy into employment, training or higher education with confidence and self-assurance.

We believe that the curriculum should challenge students intellectually as well as provide opportunities to allow a degree of personalisation through student choice and identified needs.

In the Laureates (Key Stage 3) and the Academy (Key Stage 4), our curriculum structure is designed to give every student a solid foundation for their learning as well as challenging them to reach beyond their imagined potential. We also encourage an increasing degree of personalisation through choice as they progress so that as they move into the Sixth Form, they are able to make informed choices about their courses and pathways.

In Sixth Form, we offer a wide range of A-Levels and BTECs at level 3. This gives students a huge choice, meaning that they can personalise their own learning programmes. The variety of courses allows students to progress into apprenticeships, employment or university.

Throughout the Academy, all staff teach in Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Post 16. This means that the curriculum is delivered by experienced teachers who all teach A Levels in their subject. Their subject enthusiasm and knowledge the journey ahead of their students means that every lesson is delivered as part of a pathway leading to excellent outcomes and potentially to university in that subject.

The Laureates Curriculum (Key Stage 3)
The Laureates curriculum is delivered in years 7 and 8.

In year 7, the curriculum is organised so that the majority of teaching takes place in tutor groups. Much of this teaching occurs within the Laureates ‘school within a school’, but our extensive specialised classrooms are utilised whenever possible.

In Year 8, students will remain in the same tutor group as year 7, but they will experience greater variety in the organisation of teaching groups. This is to encourage wider socialisation as the first step towards Key Stage 4 and adult life.

The year 7 curriculum is designed to support our strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, principally through the study of English and Maths, but also across the full range of subjects. Literacy is further supported through the Humanities programme, which is delivered by the student’s year 7 tutor. The tutor will, whenever possible, support their tutor group’s English teacher in the English lessons. This provides a strong link and a common approach to develop literacy skills to the maximum. The Humanities curriculum covers a wide range of topics from geography, history, religion, ethics, citizenship and global development. The Maths curriculum is based upon the very successful Singapore Maths Programme and numeracy skills are developed through other subjects across the curriculum.

To best prepare our students for the ever-increasing technological and scientific world which they will inherit, all students all study science, which is always taught in specialist, well-equipped science laboratories. Topics are arranged to cover an equal share of biology, chemistry and physics as well as ‘how science works’ and the range of highly qualified and experienced specialist teachers available in each of these subjects ensures that students are well prepared in all 3 subjects prior to starting their Triple Science GCSEs in year 9. Computer Science (both computational thinking and programming) is also taught as part of a rotation of Information Technology topics by specialist teachers in specialised facilities.

Bosworth is unique in the area in offering both French and Spanish in our Laureates curriculum. Parents are invited to express a preference for which language they would prefer their child to study as their main foreign language, but the opportunity to study both will arise through our Enrichment Programme.

Creativity is an important aspect of life and it is important that our curriculum fosters creative thinking in as many forms as possible. We encourage the development of creativity through two main curriculum strands, Performance and ADT (Art, Design and Technology). There are also additional opportunities through our Enrichment Programme. The Performance programme allows students to explore the various aspects of performing arts through music, drama and dance, whilst the ADT programme provides access to various forms of Art including 2D, 3D and textiles; product design and cooking.

Students’ wellbeing and personal development are supported by practical PE twice a week, with an emphasis on remaining healthy as well as a comprehensive PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) programme delivered by a specialist team. Student’s moral, social and cultural education is supported by their tutors through a tutor programme. This approach allows a coordinated approach to fully support all aspects of their development.

In the Laureates, students are given a degree of personalisation within their curriculum through the Enrichment Programme which offers a wide variety of different activities and experiences. Students usually undertake 6 or 7 different enrichment activities each year.

The enrichment programme in Key Stage 3 changes each year, based on the interests of our students.  In the past, our enrichment programme has included Musical Theatre, Pinhole Photography, Enamelling, Let’s Cook!, Street Dance, Video Making and Editing, Film Studies, Upcycling, Garden Design and Maintenance, Forensic Science, The Art of Arguing and Additional French and/or Spanish.

In Year 8, students have the option to enrol on a fixed enrichment programme and become part of our very successful Bosworth Performance Group which includes the Bosworth Theatre Company, Bosworth Dance Troupe and the Bosworth Record Label.  The enrichment programmes aim to give students a flavour or some subjects that often do not start until Key Stage 4 including Business, Sports Science and Media.


The Academy Curriculum (Key Stage 4)
The Academy curriculum is delivered in years 9, 10 and 11.

Our curriculum is designed to build upon the firm foundations developed through the Laureates Curriculum and provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum with the capacity to foster creativity, experience personalisation and allow choice.

The core curriculum is designed to provide students with a firm foundation for their adult life and consists of courses that prepare all students to achieve above their expected potential in GCSEs English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Bosworth offers all students the opportunity to achieve three GCSEs in Science through Triple Science at GCSE utilising the experience of our specialist teachers in the science department which has delivered Triple Science for 9 years extremely successfully.

Students’ well being and personal development are supported by practical PE twice a week, with an emphasis on remaining healthy as well as a comprehensive PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) Programme delivered by the student’s tutor. This includes an emphasis on health and careers. Student’s moral, social and cultural development is supported by a specialist team of teachers who deliver a programme of Philosophy and Ethics where students are challenged to consider what is right and wrong on a wide variety of topics relevant to modern life, world events and their own viewpoint.

Breadth within the core curriculum is maintained by the study of a language and a choice of either History or Geography to GCSE. Students will be expected to continue with the language that they have studied in the Laureates (French or Spanish), however, they are also able to study both through our Options process.

At Key Stage 4, Bosworth’s commitment to fostering creativity in all forms as part of the core curriculum is evident in the choice of option subjects. All students are expected to choose one subject from Art, Textiles, Design and Technology, Catering, Computer Science, Creative i-Media, Construction, Media Studies, GCSE PE, Dance, Drama or Music.

Personalisation and specialisation are provided within the Key Stage 4 curriculum through the choice of a second option subject. Students can either choose a second creative subject from the list above, or an academic subject from Business Studies, GCSE PE, History, Geography, Religious Studies or Sociology. We are continually reviewing the courses on offer and the lists above are subject to change.


The Oaks Sixth Form (Level 3) Curriculum
The curriculum within The Oaks Sixth Form is designed to offer personalisation and specialisation as a pathway to university, apprenticeship or employment at age 18 or 19. This is done through a mixture of A-Level and BTEC Level 3 courses. AS level qualifications are integrated into some A-Level courses.

The courses on offer to students are available to view here.  We encourage students to study at least four A-Levels but we do personalise our offer based on individual student needs.  This occurs throughout the entire application process to help students make informed decisions.

Students will receive a total of 9 taught hours per fortnight, with a structured tenth period for study for each subject.  There is an expectation that students complete an hour of independent study for every hour taught by a class teacher.

In addition, a comprehensive PHSE programme is delivered by the student’s tutors, with a focus on preparation for application to university and preparation for life after school. Students are also expected to involve themselves in a variety of enrichment activities.

We also work alongside the organisation Young Money and share the vision that all children and young people have the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage their money well, now and in the future.


Our Curriculum Outline

Here is the content of the academic curriculum for all year groups at Bosworth Academy. This will help both you and your child to see what they will be studying in every subject in every year.

Click the links at the bottom of the document to find the year group. The colour coding is explained by the key found at the bottom of the document.


Curriculum Contact

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum offer at Bosworth Academy, please contact:

Andy Dolinski – Assistant Head of School: [email protected]

Our curriculum policy can be found on our policy page.