About Us

About Us

Bosworth Academy is situated on the edge of Desford Village, overlooking the open countryside. We have a full range of facilities including a recently refurbished Library (The Compass), Sports Hall, Assembly Hall, Gym, Drama studios, Music Studios, Sports Dome, Swimming pool, Science Laboratories, Design Workshop and ICT Suites; plus a number of refurbished classrooms and a purpose built Maths Block. All curriculum areas have specialist teaching spaces which are used to enhance learning in every way possible.

The school opened in Desford as Bosworth Community College in 1969, replacing the former Grammar School located in Market Bosworth. In 2003, the College was designated as a Specialist Sports College and The school became an Academy on April 1st 2012, having previously been a Leicestershire Upper School and Community College.

Since its beginning, Bosworth Academy has been a mixed comprehensive Upper School catering for the 14-19 age range. In September 2014, the Academy began the transition to becoming an 11-19 school. This meant that we took in our first Year 7 intake of 150 students in September 2014 and currently our Year 7 student numbers are in excess of 250 and as such are over subscribed.

Anti-Racist Pledge

At Bosworth Academy we pledge to be an anti-racist school in order to ensure that we are a genuinely inclusive community.

Our Pledge:

Bosworth Academy operates a zero-tolerance approach towards all discrimination. We believe it is imperative to address racism in all its forms and offer our unambiguous support to all our students, staff, governors, parents, carers and guardians who are racialised as Black or a Person of Colour. We wish to reassure you that all matters of racial discrimination, whether it presents itself overtly or covertly, will be handled with the utmost care and importance.

Samina O’Malley
Assistant Headteacher


The school was most recently inspected in June 2022 and was re-certified ‘Outstanding’ having been given the grade in October 2017. The full June 2022 report can be read here with it highlighting the following areas which makes us an ‘Outstanding’ school:

‘Bosworth Academy challenges pupils to achieve more than they ever believed they could. This challenge applies to their academic learning and their personal development. The school wants pupils to develop character and confidence. Pupils learn to work together, communicate well and be creative.’

‘All pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), have what they need to aim high in life.’

‘Teachers are experts in their subjects. They choose tasks carefully to make sure that pupils learn the subject’s content well. Teachers ask questions that check pupils’ understanding and challenge pupils’ thinking. Teachers know their pupils well and give pupils precise feedback that helps them improve their work.’

‘Pupils contribute to their community through a range of projects and charity work. They learn to be good citizens and play an active role in their school, in society and in the world.’

Pastoral Organisation

At Bosworth Academy students’ welfare, attendance, behaviour and progress are overseen by the Maximising Learning Team (MLT). The team comprises of the Assistant Principals responsible for KS3, KS4 and KS5, the SENCO, Year Heads and other pastoral staff, working closely together and with the tutors to provide the best possible support for our students.

In ALL YEARS students are placed in mixed ability tutor groups of around 28 students.

Tutor Groups meet each day, either in their tutor room or in assembly. Whole school ‘interventions’ are arranged so that we can deliver our PSHE programme across all years. In addition to this Year 7 have a dedicated weekly session PSHE.

Student Voice

Student involvement in all staff appointments is a long-established tradition at Bosworth. Students are active in a number of roles such as mentoring, being sports ambassadors and visitor guides. The school as worked hard to create an ethos that encourages students contribution to the school organisation and decision making. We have also established a weekly student voice drop-in where students have the opportunity to discuss their learning experience and suggest ways in which the academy can improve it’s performance.

Students are encouraged to become involved in offering their ideas and opinions especially with regard to school policy. For example, representatives from all years currently participate in groups such as the ‘Student Forum’ and the ‘Student Focus Learning Group’.

Academy Values

At Bosworth Academy we are driven by a strongly held set of values which underpin everything we do. More than anything we believe that a high performing school can enable all children to achieve more than they ever believed that they could. This is a philosophy that changes lives and communities.

The mantra that our staff live by is that ‘no student will underachieve’. This means that it is never acceptable that any child is left behind – regardless of their needs and their context. We never focus on the achievement of a minority of students, at the cost of others. We do ensure that all students feel safe to learn, to develop and express their personality, and to be part of a harmonious, supportive community.

School Leadership

The Academy’s leadership team aims to be open and consultative, based on teamwork at all levels. While many decisions are determined largely by the national framework, there is a serious intention to consult wherever possible. Currently the Extended Leadership Team comprises of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and 6 Team Leaders. There are also regular whole school staff meetings, Academic and Year team meetings plus all teaching staff are allocated to a Network Group which meets regularly.

There are over 90 teaching staff and over 100 associate staff. There is considerable emphasis on continuing professional development. A recent focus has been on ‘Outstanding Learning’, which has led to specialised resources and a shared vision for learning which, for example, informs lesson planning and evaluation as we progress towards our unique ‘model for outstanding’. This places learning at the centre of all our work. All staff are encouraged to develop their skills and expertise and to take on new responsibilities. The academy is accredited with ‘Investors in People’.


A close working partnership exists with the Academy Governors who exercise their wider powers and responsibilities supportively. The Governing Body consists of Community, Parent and Staff Governors who work through committees (Steering, Finance, People and Stakeholders, Learning and Teaching and Infrastructure). Most Governors live within the communities we serve.

Extra Curricular

The academy has benefited from the contribution of those staff willing to provide extra curricular activities including running sports teams, music and drama workshops, orchestra and choral productions and drama productions. During the year, we offer a range of field trips and cultural visits.

No Smoking

As a Healthy School we are a no smoking site.

For further information about Bosworth Academy or for a visit to our school please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. Our contact information can be found: Contact us