HIPE: High Performance Programme

HIPE: High Performance Programme

At Bosworth Academy we challenge students to recognise and realise their potential in a range of different areas, from academic achievement to participating at a high level in sport. From community involvement to artistic excellence.

We will support our high achieving students through our High Performance programme (HIPE) whose underlying principle is that of high expectation and aspiration.

At Bosworth HIPE students are those who demonstrate high potential and the will to succeed.

Once our HIPE students have been identified we will support them through a range of challenging and focused learning activities. We will also provide inspirational extra-curricular activities ranging from university visits to challenge days.

In addition to this we will endeavour to provide highly personalised intervention opportunities for all our HIPE students. Our intention is to ensure that we stretch and extend our students to deepen their learning and thinking.

We are clear that understand that high achievement is not just confined to the classroom and can be defined in many ways. In view of this HIPE students can be placed into three categories: Highly Academic, Highly Able and Highly Talented.

Highly Academic
Students who have the potential to achieve at the highest level in five or more subject areas at KS3 and KS4 and in 3 subjects at KS5.

Highly Able
Students who have a particular flair or enthusiasm for a particular subject.

Highly Talented
Students who have specific talents which they use in representing the school or an outside club or organisation.

At Bosworth we highly value the involvement of parents/carers in supporting our students’ learning and progress. One of the key elements of our HIPE pathway is the interaction between students, school and home. It is through this interaction that we enable our students to succeed and to inspire those around them.

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