Student Wellbeing, Support and Safety

Student Wellbeing, Support and Safety

At Bosworth Academy we take our students wellbeing, support and safety seriously. We want our students to be happy, healthy learners.

The Academy has a number of services that are available to students that you may find useful to help deal with any issues you may be experiencing while both at school and/or personally.

Leicestershire Healthy Schools: Mental Health Support Directory [pdf]

Bosworth Mental Health Support: Signposts for Students and Parents during COVID-19 [pdf]

Teen guide to surviving lockdown [pdf]

Steps to Recovery Service: Stay At Home Self-Help Pack [pdf]

Where Can I Access Help & Support at Bosworth Academy? [pdf]

Staying Safe Online [pdf]

Please see you tutor if you have any issues that need resolving. They see you everyday and can help with a wide range of issues.

Pastoral Team:
Your Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year are available for support if you need to speak with them you could email them or book an appointment at the MLT or Laureates Office.

School Counsellor:
As an academy we are very lucky to have a counsellor who can help you with any problems you may have regarding anything from relationships to coping with stress. Appointments can be made confidentially via your tutor, year head or at MLT.

Wellbeing Support:
The school has a wellbeing support person that is in school 5 days a week and provides one to one and group sessions for mental health, anxiety and a variety of other reasons. Please see your tutor for a referral.

School Teen Health:
The school Teen Health is in school on Thursdays and has an office on the MLT corridor. She is available for advice and support on a range of issues relating to both mental and physical health and well being. She is available for drop in sessions.

Careers Advice:
Students may make appointments with our Careers Advisor via their tutor, year head or at the Laureates Reception, MLT or Oaks Office. She will be available to discuss all aspects of careers advice ranging from career ideas to applying for apprenticeships and opportunities within the local area, nationally and globally.

Financial Support:
The Bursary Scheme provides financial support for students in the sixth form when financial circumstances are a barrier to learning. It can be used for transport, trips, books or any other resources required to enable students to continue in education after year 11 . For eligibility and more details contact Main Reception at Bosworth Academy.

Support Telephone Helpline – 01708 765200:
This service provides emotional support and information relating to other helplines, counsellors and support groups throughout the UK, including helplines and face to face for young people. You can also contact them via email – [email protected]

Support Groups Links:

LGBTQ+ Support Links:

  • – voluntary organisation established to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland
  • Mermaids’ UK – Support for gender-diverse and transgender children, young people and their families
  • Mermaids’ UK – Resources for Parents/Carers
  • Mermaids’ UK – Resources for young people
  • NHS GIDS – The NHS Gender Identity Development Service
  • – support for young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, as well as those who are questioning, here and abroad
  • – Helping young people empower themselves to make a positive change for themselves & their communities

Mental Health Groups Links:

A culture of feeling safe:
What kind of things might make you feel unsafe?

  • Being hurt by an adult or another child
  • Unkind or sexualised comments
  • Bullying or feeling threatened
  • Inappropriate online behaviours
  • Being touched in a way that you don’t like
  • Not being looked after by people at home
  • Seeing people you love being hurt

If you see or hear something that doesn’t feel right…

Talk to someone you trust at school or home.
Email: [email protected]
Anti-Bullying, Discrimination Form: Report Here
Look out for each other, be kind..

Student Just Talk Poster [pdf]
Student Safeguarding Policy [pdf]

If you know of any other group that you think may be useful to other students, please email [email protected] with the subject starting ‘Student Support Page’.