The World of Work

The World of Work

The Local Labour Market

We continue to work in partnership with the LLEP (Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership) and the Enterprise Advisor Network to develop the knowledge of the young people we teach about the world of work, specifically looking at the local labour market in Leicester and Leicestershire. Identifying the current trends in employment and the possible trends in the future enable us to equip the students with the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in their futures.

When people talk about the ‘labour market’ they usually mean the jobs that people do and the ‘world of work’. Labour market information can tell you the number of people in certain types of jobs, whether they work full-time or part-time, how many people are unemployed and what is likely to happen locally, nationally and even internationally over the next few years.

Leicester and Leicestershire is a thriving and diverse area, with a population of approximately 1 million and an economy worth almost £23 billion. With great national and global connections, the area offers a mix of many strong industries that welcome young people. Key sectors include advanced manufacturing and engineering, professional services, business and finance, health and social care, low carbon, food and drink manufacturing, creative industries, textiles and logistics. The city and county also offer fantastic retail, tourism and hospitality career opportunities, with a lively, cosmopolitan city and attractive surrounding county market towns. Many businesses are choosing to have a base here, such as IBM, Amazon and Hastings Direct. In addition there are prominent names that have been established here for many years, such as Next, 3M, Caterpillar, Triumph, Dunlem, Santander and Samworth Brothers. Along with the well known names, there are thousands of micro, small, and medium sized employers, who also offer great career opportunities. With almost 480,000 jobs in the area and 42,440 registered businesses, Leicester and Leicestershire is a great place to start and develop your career.

What does this mean for me?

It means that the more qualifications you have, the more jobs you can apply for. Most employers want someone who has at least five good GCSEs including English and maths, and often science too. If you have these and any work experience (a Saturday job or volunteering, for example) then you have a good start into your career path.

Young People: World Of Work Guide 2020-21 [pdf]

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