Work Experience

Work Experience

At Bosworth Academy we offer optional Work Experience placements through LEBC to students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. To undertake a work experience placement from Bosworth Academy the student must follow the guidance provided below.

The paper application forms can be downloaded here for home printing or collected from MLT or The Oaks office.

The application deadline is 1st November 2023.

Payments should be made via sQuid and have been split into 2 installments (although you can pay both at once if you prefer). A self placement (employer approached by student) is two installments of £26.50 each. A database placement (LEBC finds the employer) is 2 installments of £30. Please ensure you choose the correct amount.

1st payment is due by 30/11/2023.

2nd Payment is due by 31/01/2024.

Please contact Mrs Tallis to discuss payment support if your child has free school meals, Pupil Premium or Post 16 Bursary.

Work Experience Guidance:

Work Experience Parent/Guardian Letter [pdf]

Work Experience Overview & FAQ [pdf]

LEBC Work Experience Parent/Guardian Presentation [pdf]

Get Career Confident: Work Experience – Why do work experience video [link]

Student Guide to Work Experience 2023-24 [pdf]

LEBC Student Work Experience Presentation 2023 [pdf]

Work Experience Forms:
LEBC Bosworth Academy Work Placement Application Form [pdf]
LEBC Self Placement Form [pdf]