Bosworth Academy Day Nursery

Bosworth Academy Day Nursery

The aim of Bosworth Academy Day Nursery is to provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for the children to develop emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually.

The Nursery is small, (20 full-time places only), and is staffed by experienced, qualified, sympathetic staff who give their full attention to the needs of each child.

Activities and toys are carefully chosen to interest the children, to stimulate their imagination and to aid the development of skills. The emotional needs of the children are recognised as most important and staff will always make the time to play with, listen to and cuddle individual children.

Play is seen as the best way of helping children learn. With this in mind activities are carefully chosen and structured so the children learn whilst playing. Staff gently encourage children to engage with all activities, which are planned to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in all areas. Personal and social development is given a high priority and children are encouraged to listen, share, take turns, respect other people’s feelings and beliefs and develop independence. There is plenty of opportunity for developing language, literacy and mathematical skills. Children are constantly encouraged to talk, listen, enjoy books, pictures and stories and to count and match. A range of equipment and toys help children to develop mobility, balance and control. Music, paint, play-dough, sand, water, role play help children explore colour, shape, texture, sounds, feeling and emotions. The children are encouraged to question the world they live in.

Funding for children aged 3+

The Department for Education pays for nursery education for 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year. This is for all children the term after their 3rd birthday regardless of your financial and other family circumstances. You are able to claim up to 15 per week. We offer flexible hours throughout the week depending on places available. This can be claimed over a maximum of two provisions if required.

The nursery will claim Nursery Education Funding on your behalf and deduct it from your monthly invoice. All you need to do is to provide evidence of your child’s date of birth when we request it and fill in and sign a “statement of undertaking” that we will provide.

The fees for Bosworth Academy Day Nursery are:

  • Full Week – £195.20
  • Full Day – £44.50
  • Half Day – £26.50


For more information please feel free to contact us:

Tel: 01455 822841 ext: 355
Direct Dial: 01455 823889


Ofsted Report

To download a copy of Bosworth Academy Day Nursery’s Latest Ofsted report click the link below:

Bosworth Academy Day Nursery Early Years Inspection Report (Inspected on: 10 March 2017) [pdf]

Bosworth Academy Day Nursery Early Years Inspection Report (Inspected on: 11 June 2013) [pdf]