Charity Fundraising

At Bosworth Academy we display Citizenship by making a positive contribution to the world we live in and show Collaboration by having the ability to work well with others.

These values are demonstrated in our willingness to help those in need and we have been motivated to aid those displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.

We are working in partnership with all LiFE MAT schools and also Citizens UK to support the rehoming of refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. If you are interested in being a host, please complete this form.

The money raised in this appeal will go towards aiding transportation to the UK and then on to our LiFE MAT community, which is supporting with visa applications, translation services, school uniform and PE kit.  We also aim to provide wraparound care for all of our guests and their hosts.

The LiFE MAT is targeting to raise a total of £25,000 in donations to assist the families that LiFE sponsors in the first instance and we’re doing our bit by aiming to raise £4250 or more by the end of the Summer 2022 term.

We will be running a range of activities throughout the fundraising period for you to participate in and donate.

These activities include a raffle held over a four day period between June 30-July 3 which will see the school hosting Bosworth Productions presents Matilda and the Desford Heritage Festival. More details can be found here: Raffle at Bosworth Productions presents Matilda

Payments can be made via Squid or through a direct bank transfer. If you are donating through a bank transfer, be sure to include the following in your reference: UKR. Year Group. First Three Letters of Your Surname Name. e.g. ‘UKR. 8. JON’

Life Multi Academy Trust

Sort Code:  30-15-97

Account No: 40226468

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email [email protected]

As the donations are counted, our money temperature gauge will rise, along with the summer temperatures.

Happy Donating and Thank You.

Raffle Prizes

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