Careers Resources

Careers Resources Impartial advice on different career routes, CV writing etc. It also has a free phone number which gives students access to specialist careers advice with a trained careers adviser. Job sectors – The skills and qualifications needed to get into that job, what the work would be like, the pay you could expect, what the career prospects are. ‘Job sector quiz’ to find out what career area you are suited to. Job profiles and career information including ‘What can i do with my degree?’ Helping students to develop the employability skills they need to go into the world of work Careers website full of tips and advice, particularly about what subjects to study as options University courses and applications The one stop site for apprenticeships, gap years, distance learning and jobs Search and apply for the latest graduate jobs, schemes and internships from top UK employers. Gap year opportunities including volunteering, working and travelling Live apprenticeship vacancies Local job and apprenticeship vacancies Volunteering opportunities Job and apprenticeship vacancies

Bosworth Academy also has it’s own Careers Zone site with lots of further information that student can visit by clicking the link on the right when you have signed or or clicking the link below:

Bosworth Academy Careers Zone (Requires you to be signed in to view)