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Year 11 Exams YEAR 11 – 8 WEEKS TO GO!
Dear parent/carer The students will be sitting their Maths, English and Science mocks this week. They will receive feedback in their lessons on their current working at grades and how to improve further. In addition to supporting your child in their revision, it can also be a stressful time, so ensure they are getting enough sleep and eating well; this will help them be best prepared for the weeks ahead….
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Latest Newsletter PENS DOWN, SPEAK UP!
On Wednesday 13th November, students at Bosworth Academy took part in No Pens Wednesday. During lessons, students had lots of opportunities to put their pens away and take part in activities which encourage verbal communication skills.

In English lessons, students were creating videos about introducing the 6Cs to new students, other students were reading, holding debates and creating their own dystopian worlds by collaging images from magazines and newspapers which they presented to the class…
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