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Year 11 Exams YEAR 11 – 10 WEEKS TO GO!
The countdown continues – 50 school days to the first exam!Year 11 students are now busy finishing off coursework or coming to the end of their GCSE courses. Over half term there will be a Revision Academy for certain subjects whereby staff are in school teaching revision sessions – this is a good start and way in for students but they should also be studying independently on top of this to prepare for their mock exams in February/March and the final exams which begin on the second week of May…
10 WEEKS TO GO! [pdf]
Latest Newsletter PENS DOWN, SPEAK UP!
On Wednesday 13th November, students at Bosworth Academy took part in No Pens Wednesday. During lessons, students had lots of opportunities to put their pens away and take part in activities which encourage verbal communication skills.

In English lessons, students were creating videos about introducing the 6Cs to new students, other students were reading, holding debates and creating their own dystopian worlds by collaging images from magazines and newspapers which they presented to the class…
Newsletter Winter 2019 [pdf]


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