Year 11 Personalised Timetables & Free Pre-Exam Breakfast Revision Sessions

In order to ensure that students are given the best preparation possible for their summer exams we have created a personalised revision timetable.  This means that selected lessons from the normal Year 11 timetable will be replaced by revision lessons in subjects either the day before or on the day of exams.

These timetables will run from Monday 14th May and will continue until each student has sat their final exam.  Students will be issued the first 2 weeks of their personalised timetable by Friday 11th May and will be issued with the remaining 2 or 3 weeks (depending on final exam date) before the half-term break.

We are also offering free pre-exam breakfast revision sessions every day between Monday 14th May and Friday 15th June to students who have an exam that morning.  These sessions will be led by staff from the relevant subject areas from 7.45am and offer a superb opportunity to receive last minute support and enter the exam room fully prepared.