The Compass Library

The Compass Library

The Compass is the name chosen by Bosworth pupils for our totally refurbished and extended school library. Thanks to winning a national makeover competition we now have a bright and attractive space suited to the wide-ranging and evolving learning needs of the 21st Century learner.


Pupils can choose from a variety of zones in which to work or read; the Viewpoint supports collaborative work on presentations or revision, whilst the Thought Port provides the ideal ambience for silent study. We also provide a relaxed reading area, a research area and a teaching area for whole class use. Thirty networked computers and an interactive whiteboard, plus a set of ipads for use in the library, ensure pupils have seamless access to technology as well as traditional library resources.


The Compass houses over 6000 carefully selected books plus journals, magazines and dvds to support and enhance our learners’ information and reading for pleasure needs. We subscribe to Leicestershire Library Services to Education which means our books are continually refreshed and updated. This also provides us with a number of specialist and authoritative online databases containing full text e-books and journals to supplement pupils’ internet searching. Our online catalogue, Search Star, directs learners to all our resources and other useful links. Pupils can keep an eye on their own borrowing, write reviews and reserve books on their personal “My Searchstar” link. They are also encouraged to use the network of public libraries and, at Post 16, our local university libraries, to gain further access to resources, both traditional and electronic.


The Compass is staffed by a qualified librarian who is available to guide and support students with their wider reading choices and research skills. Recommended reading lists are regularly produced and the librarian is always pleased to advise parents on good books for their child. Library inductions are provided at the beginning of each Key Stage and teaching staff are supported throughout the year in developing pupils’ research skills and independent learning.


The Compass benefits each year from enthusiastic pupil library assistants who assist with a variety of tasks. This can take the form of an enrichment activity for Year 12 pupils or younger volunteers working at lunchtime on the issue desk or preparing new books. Interested pupils should speak with the librarian in the first instance. We also run the Pageturners book group in the Compass which gives enthusiastic readers the opportunity to read, review and discuss the latest Young Adult books and decide whether the library should add them to its collection.

Opening Times

The Compass is normally open throughout the school day and for at least half an hour before and after school. Updated opening times for the new academic year will be available shortly. The perfect place to start that homework!


The video below is of the transformation of our Library to The Compass.