Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing – November Suite Changes

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing – November Suite Changes

Theology Admissions Assessment

The Theology Admissions Assessment is no longer being used on the November test date and will be replaced with an at-interview assessment. Candidates should consult the University of Cambridge website for further information.

TSA Section 1 for Chemistry, and History and Economics
TSA Chemistry is being renamed TSA Section 1. This test will be used by University of Oxford degrees F100 Chemistry and LV11 History and Economics. Please note that on Entries Extranet this test will be referred to as TSA S1. Candidates applying to LV11 will also need to take the History Aptitude Test (HAT)

As for TSA Oxford Section 1, results for TSA Section 1 will be released to candidates on 15 January 2018 via the Results Online site. We will provide Candidate Results Information sheets (containing login details) for distribution on the day of the test. Centres will also be able to access the results from the same date.

The Test of Mathematics for University Admission
The Test of Mathematics for University Admission which takes place on 8 November 2017, has been extended for all candidates to 75 minutes per section. The total test duration is 2 1/2 hours. The test duration will differ for candidates with extra time as an access arrangement.

University of Cambridge Veterinary Medicine requirements
From November 2017, applicants to the University of Cambridge for Veterinary Medicine should take the Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment. Applicants are no longer required to take the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT). Please see the University website for further information about course requirements.

Answer Booklets
We are providing longer answer booklets for the English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT). Please note, all rough work and plans for all tests in November should be done on the answer booklet and/or question paper.