Bosworth Academy: An 11-19 School

Bosworth Academy: An 11-19 School

Here at Bosworth Academy, we provide a first class all through education for pupils from 11-19.

Bosworth Academy has a well-established track record for providing high quality teaching and gaining examination success at both GCSE (key stage 4) and A level (key stage 5).

At the last inspection (November 2010) Bosworth Academy was rated by Ofsted as “good with outstanding features”. The report commends the excellent teaching, strong leadership, enthusiasm and dedication of staff and the “outstanding contribution” of the students to their community.

Bosworth Academy is renowned for meeting the needs of all students, including the gifted and talented and those with special needs. The year-on-year analysis of our examination results shows that we have consistently produced one of the best “value added” outcomes in the county. This demonstrates our record of success across the ability range.

In April 2012 Bosworth College became an academy, enabling us to have greater control over our budget and to provide additional support for other schools.

What will be the benefits for pupils?
Children will no longer have to face a change of school at 14. They will have the stability provided by continuity of ethos and expectations from 11 onwards.

Younger pupils will be taught by specialist teachers who are established in teaching GCSE and A level courses, as well as being trained and experienced in teaching key stage 3 pupils.

The school will be able to work more closely with Primary Schools, connecting the skills developed at key stage 2 with those required for success in public examinations.

Pupils will continue to have access to a wide range of GCSE and A level courses.

The smaller year groups will offer even more scope for individual support and personalised learning. For example, pupils will be able to start GCSE or A level courses early if it is appropriate to do so.

There will be greater access to places from across the region at the same time as smaller, more intimate year groups. This will provide greater choice for parents.

Admissions to our Sixth Form
Bosworth Academy is rightly proud of our Sixth Form provision. Students who anticipate remaining in education after Year 11 (and going on to University) will now have the option to attend one school for an unbroken 11-18 experience. Students will also be able to join our Sixth Form from surrounding 11-16 schools.

The Academy Building
Our campus and facilities are well equipped to support the change of phase and to accommodate comfortably the increase in pupils. Year 7 & 8 students have access to a separate dedicated:

  • Toilet and Changing Room
  • Classroom Base
  • Recreation Facility

We do, however, pride ourselves on our excellent specialist facilities (for example in Science, Information Technology, Design and Physical Education) and we have a rolling programme of re-furbishment, including an increasing number of “state of the art” classrooms.

A Developing Ethos
Following consultation with pupils and their parents, we introduced a uniform for Years 7 and 8; details of this can be found in the prospectus. This will allow students to then progress to the more adult dress code in Years 9, 10 and 11. We are committed to enabling our young people to develop into mature, confident adults within a disciplined, industrious atmosphere focused on challenge and success.

A small school within a big school
In order to provide a welcoming secure environment at the point of transfer to Bosworth Academy we:

  • Provide personal interviews for all incoming pupils in order to get to know them as individuals and allay any concerns about the transfer to secondary school.
  • Focus during our Induction Programme on fostering “a sense of belonging” within our Year 7 students so that they become familiar with their tutor, their groups and the Bosworth Academy expectations.
  • Create, for younger pupils, an exclusive zone within the school with a separate play area and different arrangements for lunch and break times.
  • Ensure that our Year 7 pupils have a signigicant number of lessons taught by their tutor, who will be a key figure in the smooth transition from Primary School.
  • Assign to each Year 7 pupil a Sixth Former as a mentor or “buddy” so that the older student can provide individual support and act as a role model for our incoming youngsters.