Bosworth Academy has 6 ICT suites and Apple Mac technology to enable media video editing. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and visualiser to provide interesting possibilities for teaching and learning. Technology can be used to create fun and engaging lessons as well as ensuring our students are equipped for the modern world. Each year 7 student will be provided with an iPad to use both at school and at home.

Benefits of 1:1 iPad technology
The iPad will:

  • Enable lessons to be interactive
  • The specialised apps we will use will be chosen by the teacher to expand the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. Our students will be able to record and report out of class learning – bringing the classroom into the real world
  • Have all the textbooks a student will need uploaded so that homework can be completed without the need to carry a number of books
  • Be stored in the student’s locker where it can be charged
  • Ensure that we teach our students how to be safe using technology


Measures that the school has put in place include:

  • Insurance which will cover the use of the ipad at home
  • Classroom rules to ensure ipads are an effective learning tool rather than a distraction
  • Student safe web browsers and safety filters (e-safey)
  • Blocking of social network sites
  • Each student’s device is monitored by the school and web traffic is logged


Seamless integration of technology and traditional teaching

iPads have been proven to be a powerful educational device in a number of schools and will be one of the tools we use to aid learning. This use of technology will encourage creativity and enquiry-based learning as well as empower pupils to engage in their learning experiences. We want our students to be leaders who can analyse a variety of sources, and use technology responsibly. The ipads will not, of course, be used every lesson or replace more traditional styles of learning. We have developed exciting schemes of learning that include specialised apps to enrich and enhance learning.

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