Amazing Success of Students at GCSE Continues

A huge congratulations to our year 11 students, their teachers and support staff on a fantastic set of GCSE results. Once again this year, students achieved great outcomes compared to national averages. The proportion of students achieving the highest grades A*/A and 7/8/9 has increased significantly across the vast majority of subjects.

This year’s results have been achieved under challenging circumstances with the level of curriculum change and grading reforms that have taken place. There have been many magnificent performances across our wide range of GCSEs, with many students now beginning A level study at Bosworth Academy.

Across England, % A*-C in unreformed GCSE subjects fell from 69.1% to 67.4% for 16 year olds. In reformed subjects (English Language, Literature and Maths), grades at 4+ (C) and 7+ (A) remained similar to 2016 outcomes, (source Ofqual).

At Bosworth Academy, in the reformed Maths GCSE, 78% of students achieved grade 4 or higher, (compared to 70% national). In English, the figure attaining grade 4+ was 83%, with an amazing 71% of students achieving grade 5 or higher, with 6.3% achieving an exceptional grade 9, (in comparison to the national average of 2.6%). This is an incredible achievement for these students, especially considering the greater demands of new specifications. Similarly, outstanding scores were seen in the Sciences where 82% of students scored A*-C in two Science subjects at least.

The percentage of students achieving the highest grades A*/A in subjects was remarkable; 80% in Spanish, 50% in Religious Studies, 36% in French, 48% in Biology, 52% in Chemistry, 43% in Physics and 40% in Performing Arts to name a few.

Bosworth Academy students performed higher than national averages at % A*-C across a wide range of our innovative curriculum, some highlights include:

Bosworth Academy 2017 Comparison to National Results

Subject Bosworth Academy % A*-C National % A*-C Difference
Additional Science 72 58 +14
Art and Design 93 76 +17
Business Studies 80 63 +17
Catering 80 55 +25
Drama 80 74 +6
History 71 65 +6
ICT 82 67 +15
Music 100 75 +25
Physics 94 90 +4
Religious Studies 91 71 +20
Science 71 48 +23
Spanish 100 71 +29