Bedrock stars spring prize draw

Bedrock stars spring prize draw

With the second half of the spring half term split across remote and classroom learning, it’s vital that students continue to learn consistently on Bedrock.

To reward students’ hard work learning important academic vocabulary on Bedrock, we’re giving away two Chromebook laptops and 50 £10 Amazon vouchers!

Our 52 winners will be chosen at random from all students who earn 120 or more Bedrock Points this half term.

Students don’t need to take any action to be entered – we’ll automatically identify those who have earned 120 points in the time


Year 11 Mock Interviews 25/02

Today you will attend a virtual mock interview with an employer to practice interview skills.

Remember to check for your google meet invite which will be sent via email either today 24/02 or first thing on 25/02.You will also be able to access it via your google calendar. The meet is labelled Group followed by a number Mock Interview  so for example Group 1 Mock Interview.

Each meet is scheduled to run all day but please only access and click on the link at the time your tutor gave you.

Have your booklet ready with your application  but you can do the interview without .

Write your first name and surname on the chat function at the start of the interview

Finally if you have any technical issue email


Finally good luck we will ask you to give some feedback from your experience at a later stage.

Information for mock interviews

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”: poetry world prepares to mark bicentenary of John Keats



Almost 200 years ago, on 23 February 1821, the English poet John Keats died of tuberculosis in Rome at the age of 25. “I shall soon be laid in the quiet grave – thank God for the quiet grave,” he told his friend Joseph Severn, in whose arms he died. “I can feel the cold earth upon me – the daisies growing over me – O for this quiet – it will be my first.”

Keats gave instructions for his headstone to be engraved with the words “here lies one whose name was writ in water”, and visitors to Rome’s Protestant cemetery can still make a pilgrimage to see it today. But far from being “writ in water”, Keats’s words continue to echo, with a host of writing and events lined up to mark the 200th anniversary of his death.

‘Romeo and Juliet’, a Valentine’s treat for all!


Watch out for a dramatised production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which will be streaming online over half term. This is a set text for Year 11 and Year 10 and a fantastic opportunity to experience theatre at home. There will be prizes for the best dressed theatre  photos of you watching it with your family! Letters will be sent out to parents/carers this week with  information about how to access a student ticket price. Here’s a sneak preview…

Support for Broadband Access

Dear Parents and carers

When more adults and children are working from home, we sometimes discover that our current package isn’t enough to support everyone accessing the internet, and some providers are offering support for broadband access.

If you are interested in finding out more from some providers please click this link: Broadband offer