Work Experience Update

Work experience placements for the summer holidays are currently being finalised by LEBC. We expect paperwork to arrive in school shortly after half term.  Students will be given their paperwork and further instructions at this time.

Re: AS Level/End of Year Results

We wish all our Year 12 students the best for their AS level and end of year exams.

Please note that in order to return to study at A2 students must achieve a minimum of an ‘E’ grade in two subjects they are continuing.

If a student receives a ‘U’ grade in any subject they will not be allowed to continue with it into A2.

Students who receive a ‘U’ grade and are left with less than three subjects to study will be required to choose another course at AS if they wish to continue. This will be dependent on grades received at GCSE and availability after the new Year 12 intake have been allocated their subjects.

Support Families Fleeing Ukraine


The whole of the LiFE Multi-Acdemy Trust are keen to support those fleeing the current war in Ukraine and are working with Citizens UK to support the re-homing of families in our local area. Please take time to read the letter and if you feel that you could help us with this then we would appreciate you completing the Google Form, that is linked within the letter with your information, or by clicking here.

We appreciate all of the support received so far with the donations of food and accessories that we will be dropping off this weekend.

Many thanks.

Liam Grest

LiFE MAT Refugee Support [pdf]
Homes for Ukrainians [pdf]