Dr Korczak’s Example

Students of the Bosworth Theatre Company performed David Greig’s play ‘Dr Korczak’s Example’ on 25th and 26th of May. The play is set in an orphanage in a ghetto in Poland.

The action takes place shortly before the mass deportation of Jews to concentration camps and focuses on the real life pediatrician of Dr Korczak. The subjects of humanity, tolerance and acceptance in the face of fear and brutality were particularly resonant and important to explore in light of recent national and world events. Students learnt about life in the ghettos and the experiences that people faced at that time.

They explored the different viewpoints on how to resist oppression and how there are no easy answers to this. The students performed as an ensemble with the whole cast multi-rolling different parts.

Students also learnt and performed a song in Hebrew called ‘Hine Ma Tov.’ This literally translates to ‘It is a beautiful thing when brothers stand together in unity’. Students were involved in set design, costume and marketing as well as acting.

Together, the Bosworth Theatre Company produced a wonderful example of beautiful work and ensured that the first year of our Company was a tremendous success. Parents thoroughly enjoyed the play and were very moved by the performances given.