Phenomenal GCSE success at Bosworth Academy

Bosworth Academy students and staff are celebrating our best ever GCSE outcomes. Results are the highest the academy has ever seen across the board. Maths, English, Sciences, Humanities, Computing and Arts subjects are all considerably up on last year’s already strong scores.

Overall 76% of students gained the coveted 5+ A*-C including English and Maths. This will be considerably higher than the national average. In Maths 83% of students scored A*-C (compared to 70% nationally this year). In the even harder Additional Maths qualification 60% of students scored an A* or A grade. In English an amazing 88% of students scored A*-C compared to 71.3% nationally. Similarly, outstanding scores were seen in the Science where 98.2% scored A*-C in separate sciences compared to national averages of around 90%. There were similarly phenomenal performances in Humanities, the Arts, Computing, Languages, Media and our outstanding vocational subjects.

Bosworth Academy 2016 GCSE Results Compared To National Results
Subject Bosworth Academy % A*-C National % A*-C Bosworth Academy Difference
Art & Design 83 76 7
Biology 98 92 6
Business Studies 85 64 21
Catering 70 58.0 12
Chemistry 98 91 7
Computing 75.0 60 15
English Language 82 71 11
English Literature 86 75 11
French 82 69 13
Geography 61 66 -5
History 69 66.0 3
ICT 81 68 13
Maths 83 71 12
Media Studies 93 67 26
Music 100.0 75 25
PE 84 69 15
Physics 98 91 7
Religious Studies 94 72 22
Science – Additional 73 59 14
Science – Core 69 48 21
Sociology 74 63.0 11

Most importantly we are a highly inclusive school and take students from a range of different educational backgrounds. This has not been a barrier to success with our students scoring around 5 grades better per student than the national expectation.

Chris Parkinson, Principal said: “We are utterly delighted with our students’ performance this year; an incredible number have made progress way beyond what they ever thought possible when they joined us two years ago. Our motto – ‘Be better than you thought you could be’ – has been accepted as a challenge by students and staff, and they have risen to that challenge. If you could give out Olympic medals for GCSE’s, I’d need far more than our successful GB team!”

Some of the individual achievements include:

  • Harsh Patel 4A*, 6A, 1B
  • Olivia Timperley 5A*, 5A
  • Kean Derbyshire 2A*, 6A, 1B, 1C
  • Pavleen Kaur 6A, 1A* 3B
  • Curtis Hewins 4A* 2A 3B 1C
  • Willem Rogers 3A* 7A
  • Gurnaik Rai 3A* 3A 3B 2C
  • Rahil Morjaria 6A* 2A 2B
  • Abbie Neville 6A 1A* 3B
  • Leah Williams 8A 1A* 1B
  • Nicole Walker 2A* 5A 1B 2C
  • Harry Statham 1A* 5A 5B
  • Imogen Phillips 1A* 9A
  • Lauren Freer 2A* 5A 3B
  • Jemima Garrett 3A* 7A 1B

Proud father of Imogen Philips said “I always knew Imogen had it in her, the school backed her and I’m so proud of her results. The school have been really great in recognising Imogen’s potential, encouraging her to do well, and I’m thankful for that”. Imogen achieved 9 A’s and 1 A* and will continue her A level studies at Bosworth Academy sixth form with a view to a career in medicine.

Amongst a clutch of great results Curtis Hewins was most proud of his A in History “An A in History was better than I could ever have hoped for “. Mother Tammy Hewins, said “He put in a tremendous effort and it paid off”. Curtis’s results include 4 A*, 2 A’s, 3 B’s, and 1 C. The family will continue the celebration of success with a meal out at their favorite restaurant.

Harsh Patel achieved 4A*, 6A’s and 1B and is continuing his education at Bosworth Academy sixth form. “I’m really pleased with my results and hope to eventually become a surgeon”.