Post 16 Exam Leave

Year 12:

Students in Year 12 will complete individual courses at varying times and there will be no traditional study leave.

Students are expected to attend timetabled lessons until the last exam in that subject. From this date lessons will be coded as appropriate by the attendance team.

They should still continue lessons for subjects they have yet to complete.

Morning preparation for an afternoon exam may be permitted by the form tutor and should be coded by the form tutor. The exam itself will be highlighted by the attendance team.

For BTEC courses, completion dates will be decided by the teacher on submission of work of the highest possible standard.

Year 13 courses for current Year 12 students will begin week commencing on Monday 12/06/17. All exams will have then finished except for a very small number of students who will be coded appropriately. Teachers may decide to continue A level teaching throughout the exam period but no new work will be covered until 12/06/17.

Students are expected to attend ALL timetabled classes.

Year 13:

Normal timetabled lessons will finish on 12/5/17 but students should continue to attend timetabled lessons until their final exam in that subject. Attendance is not required upon completion of all exams.