Temporary Bus passes

From Tuesday 2nd May the following will be put in place for any student who has lost or forgotten their bus pass/ID Card

Temporary Bus passes will only be issued for 1 day if ID card has been forgotten or a maximum of 3 days if ID Card has been lost. All students will be expected to get a replacement lanyard/ID Card which costs £1 (card only) £2.30 (card and lanyard)

Passes should be requested at break or lunchtime NOT at the end of the school day

All temporary passes will cost 50p – you must pay for any pass – we will take the money from cashless card if students do not have the cash

Repeated temporary passes will not be allowed. Lanyards and ID cards are part of the school uniform and all students should ensure that they bring theirs every day.

At the end of the day students who have a temporary pass must report to a member of staff on the bus park A member of staff will then take students to the bus after all other students have boarded and they will be seated on the first available seat. Drivers have been made aware of these changes

Bosworth Academy Transport Team