The Science Behind Sporting Success at Bosworth

The Academy Under 19s Table Tennis Team has progressed to the Area Final (National Semi-Final) after coming second place in a Zone Tournament! The team’s success could be put down to the science behind sporting success taught by PE teachers at the Academy.

Advice that the Physical Education faculty gives to students is in line with some of the world’s leading athletes and sports heroes, which is to get enough uninterrupted sleep the nights before and after training or matches, as it regenerates the body and mind.

Students are encouraged not to eat or drink prior to sleeping or use mobile devices, or have ‘blue light’ such as monitors or TV screen in bedrooms as these can heavily disrupt their sleep and impair performance.

Nutrition and diet leading up to training or a match is incredibly important. A planned and structured diet ensures that the body is receiving the correct balance of carbohydrates, protein and fluids to reach top performance. Typically, students should eat starchy food (pasta, bread, cereals etc.) prior to a match as these contain slow release energy that will last all day.

In between matches, students are advised to consume sugary food and drinks such as sweets and Lucozade Sport as these contain short release energy for their impending match.

It is also important for students to keep hydrated during exercise as it replenishes fluid lost through sweating. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness and muscle cramps; which can hinder performance during training and matches.

To achieve success and to be the best one can be demands dedication, resilience and encouragement – attributes the Bosworth Academy Table Tennis team have plenty of.