Mock Interview Day Years 11 and 12 26/02

On the 26th Feb from period 1-4  you will be involved in a 20 minutes mock interview with representatives from a variety of local and national employers. You should have been given a booklet by your tutor with some short activities to complete before the day. Your tutors will also be sent the rota soon so you know  when your interview is. Interviews will be in the Main Hall but we will meet you first in the Foyer. Make sure you bring your booklet and you make a note of your time. Try and turn up a few minutes before so we can make sure you are fully prepared. This is a great opportunity for you to get experience  in job interviews and last year, the day was a big success. Good luck to you all!

Apprenticeship Workshop Years 11, 12 and 13 – Thursday 14th February

LEBC will be visiting the school to run an apprenticeship workshop for students in year 11, 12, and 13 who are interested in applying for apprenticeships in the future. It will take place in room O3 in The Oaks on Thursday 14th February.

Period 1 (8.45am) – Year 12 & 13

Period 2 (10am)  – Year 11

Anyone in these years who would like support applying for apprenticeships can attend.

Careers Interviews Thursday 7th February

Careers Interviews with Mrs Gillespie on Thursday 7th February in the Careers room (Top corridor opposite A1)

10:00 Pirathiga Kusalakumar 13 MMO
10:30 Cole Lee 12AWO
11:25 Connor Tierney 12CDE
11:55 Hamanpreet Dhillon 12CDE
12:25 Crumbie, Ethan 13 MMO
14:10 Handford, Henry 13 MMO
14:40 Jack Woods 12AHE

Upcoming Careers Events

Ford and Slater Apprenticeship open evening

(heavy vehicle repair, parts sales, vehicle body repair),

February 14 from 6pm to 7.30pm

Ford and Slater Leicester

Hazel Drive, Braunstone Town, Leicester,LE3 2JG 

Leicester Grammar – Big Bang event on Saturday Feb 9

To celebrate all things STEM, this event is open to all but students do need to register.


The Bosch Automotive Apprenticeship Programme,

School Leaver Vacancies have started to be released. Anybody who is looking to work in the Automotive Industry can apply online. They hands-on roles in the workshop, Motorcycle roles and also Customer Service roles

Below are the links to our websites which have more information about the apprenticeship.





Careers Interviews Tuesday 29th January

Careers Interviews with Mrs Gillespie on Tuesday 29th January in the Careers room on the top corridor opposite A1.

10:00 Pirathiga Kusalakumar 13 MMO
10:30 Barlow, Lucy 13 SGR
11:25 Crumbie, Ethan 13 MMO
11:55 Foley, Georgia 13 EMR
12:25 Garner, Grace 13 GWR
14:10 Handford, Henry 13 MMO