Marvellous Achievements by Bosworth Year 11 Students

Year 11 Bosworth Academy students and staff celebrated some wonderful results at GCSE level. With Ofqual ensuring GCSE outcomes return to pre-pandemic 2019 levels the high grades achieved today are significant.

Though this year’s cohort of year 11 have seen learning disrupted through the pandemic they have risen to the challenge of examinations returning nearly to normal.

“It was amazing to see so many happy students this morning, celebrating their results with their parents, carers and friends. Our year 11 students have shown real purpose these last few years in wanting to achieve above and beyond what they thought possible. They showed such determination, resilience and tenacity in rising to the challenge of 2023 exams, which Ofqual have ensured are now comparable with pre-pandemic 2019 outcomes.
I’m proud of how they have engaged in so many aspects of wider school life, remaining optimistic and motivated to overcome the challenges they had to face during a turbulent secondary education.
I’d like to thank our superb, dedicated team of staff, who have inspired and supported our students to achieve great things, at times helping students to overcome such adversity. We all wish our year 11 students success in the future, many of whom we’ll be welcoming into our successful Sixth Form next week.”

Simon Brown, Headteacher

“We are so proud of how students have done this year. Throughout their time with us they have demonstrated excellent character and citizenship, overcoming obstacles to achieve success. It was very clear, throughout the examination series, that students had grown into mature and responsible young adults and we cannot wait to see the incredible contributions they will make to society in the future.”

Tom Worn, Assistant Headteacher; Key Stage 4

Outstanding Results:
Some individual successes and quotes from students:

  • Amy DeCort achieved grades of 99999999998
    “I’m feeling very good. I was very nervous about the whole thing and it’s such a relief.”
  • Avani Geevakumar achieved grades of 99999999887
    “I have done really well and it is better than I expected.”
  • Riam Jain achieved grades of 99999998887
    “Feel ever so good, a bit better than what I expected.”
  • Enya Kanabar achieved grades of 99999988876
    “I’m surprised how well I have done.”
  • Rhea Attwal achieved grades of 99999888888D2*
    “I’m really happy as I have worked really hard.”
  • Justin Brown achieved grades of 99999888866
    His father, Nick Brown said: “It’s a stunning performance, he’s knocked it out of the park.”
  • Anisa Damania achieved grades of 9999888877
    “I’ve done really well. It’s better than what I expected.”
  • Sharon Bhinder achieved grades of 999888877MD2
    “This is more than I expected, I’ve done really good.”
  • Casper Baxter achieved grades of 9998888775
    “I’m feeling really good and surprised with my results.”
  • Kanishk Krishna achieved grades of 99988887776
    “I’m feeling ecstatic and jubilant. I didn’t expect these results at all. I rate these results.”
  • Tom Gallagher achieved grades of 99888887766
    “I’m very happy with my results, my hard work has paid off.”
  • Lily Groocock achieved grades of 9988888777
    “I’m well happy as I anticipated it would have been worse. I feel really surprised.”

All students listed above will continue on with their studies at A Level at Bosworth Academy.