Story writing competition for KS3 students

The amazing Leicester Patron of Reading, Steve Skidmore, has launched his very own story writing competition especially for Off School!
Take your mind into an Imaginary world using the hints and tips Steve has put together in the series of four videos below containing great advice and ideas and watch Steve’s competition launch video with all the competition details you’ll need. There are great prizes to be won for each Key Stage (KS): KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2 and KS3!
Prizes include a signed book AND the opportunity to have your story read on video by Steve himself! 
Ready to take the challenge? Head to the Competition Zone on to enter! Your child’s entry can be submitted via the ‘Submit your Entry’ button at the bottom of the ‘Current Competition’ page. Either upload an electronic file of your story OR a photographed image of a handwritten story (ensuring that we can read this clearly).
Deadline for entries is Thursday 11th June at 12 noon.

Author talks

Hay Festival logo


will be bringing authors straight from their house to yours from Monday 18 – Friday 22 May.

Each day, from 8am onwards, you can see two primary (years 3-6) authors introduced by Konnie Huq and two secondary (years 7-10) authors introduced by Jenny Valentine.

These events will be available to watch again on Hay Player

Check out the watch again on Hay Player  now, as you can watch authors from Hay Festival Programme for Schools filmed over the last 3 years. There are 55 fun filled and inspiring events to choose from including Ade Adepitan, David Baddiel Gemma Cairney, Eoin Colfer, Julian Clary and Andy Stanton.

Year 9 VE Day poem

Two of our Year 9 students have been working on writing poetry during lock down. Here is their poem for VE Day:

VE Day 75 | Remembrance Events | Royal British Legion

VE DAY – Old War Memories

The signal goes out hearts beat loud
The army is off, leaving behind a crowd
Whistles and mud, the sky is grey
This definitely is no happy day.
Bangs surround us from every direction
The pressure is on, everyone can feel the tension
Screaming and yells for mercy sound
For at the end only the victor will be crowned
The ground is black, covered in ash and soot
Underneath the rubble, a hand and boot
My hands are bloody, I’m a killer in the flesh
There is no way out, no time to refresh
Once so innocent, now a violent beast
Thirsty for the enemy to back down and cease
What was once a place for laughter and smiles
Now a graveyard of soldiers, bodies lie for miles
Four years in and the rush comes to a stop
With adrenaline gone, wounds start to throb
Years of fighting, just to survive
I’m just relieved I came out of the other end alive
Now I am off home to my family and friends
I just hope that we can tie old ends
I left a soldier, I come back a killer
Yet they still see me as a strong and supportive pillar

People are cheering, showering us in praise
We have almost certainly seen better days
For Four Years I’ve been violent and shown no mercy
My Old War Memories have me in utter controversy

By Imogen Carter & Amy Chater (Year 9)

Happy birthday William Shakespeare!

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date;

Geography Without Limits!

We have created a separate enrichment area for investigating fascinating aspects of Geography at a time when study of the World is more important than ever. Interesting and entertaining photos, video, activities, prizes and news – for Geography and Non-Geography students. your place too to comment and feed back on your world…

You will need the class code to join: