Year 11 PS 16

You should now be busy writing your post 16 applications using the PS 16 system. Your tutor will guide you through the process.

Make sure your application is done checked and sent to your tutor by end of term. They will then write your references and send your applications onto the provider or providers you are applying for.Sometimes  your tutor will need to refer the application back to you if there are any mistakes or you forgot to add some information. Check your email regularly as well as your PS 16 account so you can amend if necessary.

You need to make sure you have checked the entry requirements for all of your courses

Remember to contact Mrs Morar if you need more careers advice

Work Experience Summer 2021- Dates

It’s great to see that we’ve had a record number of applications for Summer 2021 Work Experience from Years 10-13, with students and parents looking ahead to the future despite the difficult times.

Whereas other schools only offer a set week, at Bosworth Academy we give our students the option of choosing any one of 4 weeks in the summer holiday, meaning that students are much more likely to receive their first choice placement.

LEBC will soon be emailing students who have applied to check their availabilty. The designated weeks are as follows:

w/c 12/7/21       w/c 19/7/21          w/c 26/7/21            w/c 2/8/21


Please can you discuss at home and let LEBC know which week or weeks the student would be available for a one week placement by returning the email. Please ensure these dates are accurate as it may be difficult to make changes later.


Poetry Competition 16-18 year olds, top prize £3,000!

Tower Poetry

About the Competition


The Tower Poetry Competition offers the UK’s most valuable prize for young poets, and is open to students between 16-18 years of age who are educated in the UK. The competition is run by Christ Church college, Oxford.

The competition is judged anonymously by two judges, who are different each year, and Peter McDonald, the current Christopher Tower Student. Each year the theme is chosen with the intention of giving entrants free rein to interpret it as widely as they like.

The competition is free to enter, and offers a top prize of £3000. Schools of prizewinners are awarded an additional £150, intended for investment in further study of poetry and literature.

How to Enter
The 21st Christopher Tower Poetry Competition, the UK’s most valuable prize for young poets, has opened for entries, and this year students between 16-18 years of age are challenged to write a poem on the theme of ‘The Key’.
The closing date for entries is noon on 1 March 2021.
Winners will be notified on 25 March 2021.
Submit your entry using the form below. You will need to create an account in order to submit your entry.

Work Experience Summer 2021 Update

Due to delays with student receiving logins from LEBC for the new online system, the deadline for applications has been extended to Friday 6th November. Applications will still be accepted after this point but won’t be addressed until the first (Nov 6th) batch of applications have been processed.

All the information to complete an application is available on the drop down Student & Parent menus under Work Experience.